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Trojan T-Shirt Reaches Neo-Nazis

How do you advertise an anti-racist message to a group of Neo-Nazis?

Simple: You sneak it in with a Trojan T-Shirt.

Exit Deutschland T-Shirt

At a recent right-wing extremist rock concert in Germany, a group called Exit Deutschland handed out t-shirts that featured skulls and bones and the message “Hardcore Rebels: National and Free” on the front.

However, after the fist wash, the original design would wash away, revealing the hidden message underneath: “What happened to your shirt can happen to you. We can help you break from right-wing extremism.”

The goal was to reach younger Neo-Nazi members who haven’t yet fully converted into extremism, to plant the seed that there’s always hope for a change in your life path.

Even with an audience as challenging as Neo-Nazis, this t-shirt campaign proves that with the right medium, you can get your message in front of just about anyone.

Via Spiegel Online

Augmented Reality Will Change Advertising

Vuzix Wrap 920AV

In the spring of 2009, Vuzix will release a product that could forever change the way we think about advertising: the Wrap 920AV.

Vuzix is a leading manufacturer of video eye wear for the consumer, medical, and defense & industrial markets, and their Wrap 920AV sunglasses will be the first to feature