When Life Steals Your Lemons, Advertise For Lemonade

ESPN Monday Night Football Turf Ad

To get fans excited about Monday Night Football, ESPN created a fantastic series of ads that featured real NFL turf “as a reminder that pigskin can help you get through a crappy Monday”.

Almost immediately the ads started to disappear as fans decided that real NFL turf would also look great in their own apartment or sports bar.

Of the 90 bus shelter postings that were done, 72 were stolen, and every one of the 85 traditional billboard posters also disappeared.

Stolen Turf Ad

However, rather than call the ad campaign a failure, ESPN decided to turn the stolen billboards into an even larger success, and replaced each one with a paper version of the turf ad that mimicked a crime scene, and wished bad karma upon anyone that was bold enough to take the ads so that their fellow football enthusiasts could not enjoy them as well.

Notice: If you

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