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LEGO Uses Augmented Reality To Make Models Come To Life

Lego Digital Box

LEGO is testing out a new idea called the Digital Box that could forever change the way we think of product packaging.

The Digital Box is the work of Metaio, the same company that created the Virtual Mini, and it uses the same augmented reality technology to create a virtual model of the LEGO toy from inside the box that sits on top of the box when held in front of a special interactive kiosk. While this might seem like a neat trick for in-store consumers, just imagine what it could do for online shopping.

As you can see in the picture, the Digital Box is just a monitor that

World’s Largest Lite-Brite Helps Asics Sell Shoes

Setting or breaking a world record is a sure-fire way of getting your product some press, but how do you decide which record to break?

For most companies, the decision is easy: Just make your product as big as it can be, and then send out the press release.

World's Largest Records

For Example: The world